Slender, Brown Girl Presented for Marriage

Slender, Brown Girl Presented for Marriage

Are you looking for a wife? A woman who will be supportive of you in all aspects and endeavors you choose to pursue? A woman who is dedicated to creating a safe and comfortable environment for you to call home when you're done with work and navigating the world? That is what I would like to do for you and that would be my primary concern. As my husband, your primary concern would be providing the same safe and comfortable environment for me.

About Me

I'm 40 years old, 5' 6", size 4/6. I have long, dark hair, brown eyes, full lips, a bright smile and I have small hands and feet. I was born and raised in New York City and am of mixed heritage. I have been married previously and am now amicably divorced. I'm an excellent cook. I love keeping a tidy and well-decorated home. I'm tactically frugal. I enjoy creating rich and extravagant experiences rather than collecting objects.

I made my career in technology with the majority of time spent in the Pacific Northwest. I've been pursuing my education and traveling since 2006. I earned a Bachelorís Degree in Philosophy and I am now prepared to marry you.

I enjoy physical and outdoor activities. I also enjoy being creative. I like writing, painting, drawing, photography and I have a natural singing voice. I love traveling and learning about other cultures and languages. I speak German and Spanish and am currently studying Arabic.

About You

You are kind and intelligent, established in your career and living your best and biggest life. You are a superstar. Your actions have a great impact on the world.

You are 35 to 50 years old, Caucasian or Middle Eastern, physically active and enjoy daily exercise, you are a non-smoker and do not drink or do so on the rare occasion. You are drug and disease free.

You genuinely love and care for other people, have respect and genuine love for your mother and your sisters, you respect your father and believe that being a father is an important aspect of life.

Husband and Wife

Practical examples of how I would act in the capacity of your wife include:
  1. I would do what is required to make certain that you would prefer to share your time with me than with anyone else.
Practical examples of how you would act in the capacity of my husband include:
  1. You provide me with the opportunity to pursue my own goals and personal development and conduct yourself in a manner that guarantees I will always be proud to present you as my husband.


We both agree that instead of dating indefinitely on a meandering journey discovering the petty likes and dislikes of another human-being, we would prefer to make a sincere inquiry into discovering whether we are viable as a lifelong partnership with a traditional courtship. We will spend a lot of time together for a limited period, preferably one month. Our activities will not involve expensive or elaborate excursions that distract us from directly interacting with each other. We will spend our time in a location that is very comfortable and familiar for both of us and conduct the courtship in private.

There will be no wining and dining, no facades or sales pitches. During this courtship we will discuss every topic that comes to mind with complete honesty, we will behave in an authentic way, conducting the activities as we normally conduct them. For instance, if we are visiting with each other on a Saturday and that's the day you normally organize your sock drawer, you will allow me to watch you organize the sock drawer and I will have the opportunity to learn whatever there is to learn about you from witnessing such a thing. You will have the opportunity to do the same with me.

At the end of this courtship, you will either extend a proposal or not. If you extend a proposal, I will say either "yes" or "no".

Let's Meet

Interested gentleman should express interest with a note including a clear photo, their age, occupation, ethnicity, whether they have been previously married and their phone number with a designated time to call when they will have at least 30 minutes to have an uninterrupted conversation.