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David aka Jared Leto

David aka Jared Leto

Jehan Semper

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April 22, 2020

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Jared Leto / VIDEO

Jared Leto / MTV Interview w/ Kennedy / 1995 10:06

"... I once made films." - Jared Leto

Those are the words of Jared Leto just a few years before his name became etched among the divinity of performers dedicated to the festival of Dionysus when he received an Academy Award for a history making performance.

During my time in Hollywood, I have been privileged to speak with some wonderfully talented people. One such person, "John", managed to express the most amazing, astute expertise within the realm of filmmaking and the path to profiting from such efforts whilst clearly on drugs--a brain state which he is well practiced at managing.

"John", his beautiful aesthetics and equally sweet nature mired in learned predator skills necessitated by the desert conditions of his life at the time we first made acquaintance, changed my perception of Hollywood, art and those investing their lives making films.

The mere thought of his smile and softening gaze as I spoke to him inspires tears.

After speaking with "John", I knew for certain that it is true. Just like Jared Leto, speaking at a time when his most recent film was years behind him, not knowing he would soon receive film's greatest honour, "John" once made films.

I pray that "John" would return to film as well as Jared and with equal honour.

Jared Leto with his Academy Award, Shannon Leto and mom, Constance Leto
Jared Leto with his Academy Award, Shannon Leto and mom, Constance Leto

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