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Stargate 1994 / Jaye Davidson / James Spader 3:08

Jehan Semper

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February 21, 2017


Stargate / The Making Of Stargate 23:34

The proficiency of the translator can make the difference with the nature of a conversation. I believe that the translation of Ra's thoughts in the original theatrical is not exactly accurate. Thus, I have presented my translation of what I believe Ra actually said in the subtitles of the video.

However, considering that the translator just learned how to speak that language, it does sort of make sense that he wouldn't exactly understand.

Considering the nature of my existence as the Gd of practically everything, I have a lot of thoughts about Ra and the events in the Stargate story.

To meditate the events in the Stargate story, we ought to establish the facts of what actually occurred within the story.

1. Ra traveled to Earth.

2. A young, male human approached a bright light.

3. Ra possessed the young, male human.

4. Ra established himself as the ruler of Earth.

5. Ra gathered some of the humans, transported them to a similar planet to mine the mineral he utilizes to extend the life and health of the young, male human body as well as other purposes.

6. The humans on Earth staged an uprising and buried Earth's stargate.

7. Ra and his workers continued living on the similar planet for at least 1,000 years.

8. Humans on Earth located the buried stargate and assembled it.

9. Humans on Earth sent the translator and military team to "explore" what was on the other side of the stargate.

10. The military team leader brought a nuclear weapon with him for the purpose of destroying what was on the other side of the stargate.

11. Ra decided to send the bomb back to Earth with the mineral to destroy the humans on Earth.

12. Ra altered the nuclear weapon in such a way that its timer could not be deactivated.

13. The military team killed Ra's servant before he sent the bomb back to Earth.

14. Seeing that the nuclear weapon's timer was activated and could not be deactivated, the military team transported the bomb to Ra's spacecraft.

15. The nuclear weapon detonated before Ra could deactivate the timer or transport it elsewhere.

There are a lot of events, relationships, dialogue and motives that we could talk about, but what's most important is what happened immediately prior to the bomb detonating, destroying Ra's spacecraft and killing Ra.

What do we know about the actions of the characters?


1. Ra lived on that similar planet for more than 1,000 years during which he had never aggressed upon anyone.

2. The only motive we know is attributable to Ra is that he possessed a young, male human body because he wanted to continue living.

3. The mineral made it possible for him to continue living. Thus, he gathered workers to mine the mineral.

4. The workers lived within what the story described as a healthy community of families and many children.

5. When Ra first learned of the arrival of the translator, military team and nuclear weapon, he had the translator and leader of the military team brought before him to ask them if they were there to harm him.

6. During that first conversation, he revealed his true form, a young, male human with no adornments or beautification other than what was customary for young children in the care of their parents: kohl around his eyes.

The Military

1. After killing Ra's servant, they tried to deactivate the bomb's timer, but they didn't know how to do so and the timer was nearing detonation.

2. The military team transported the nuclear weapon to Ra's spacecraft because that was the only method of ridding themselves of the nuclear weapon quickly.

A calm conversation made more pleasant with tea and other refreshments could have solved this problem. This is what I believe would have been said:

Ra: I've been living here peacefully for more than 1,000 years. What's the reason that you want to kill me?

Military: We don't really want to kill you, really. We're afraid of you.

Translator: Maybe it's not such a good idea that you have these people working for you like this, you know?

Ra: I'm not interested in destroying your civilization. I just want to keep living. That's the reason I came here. That's the reason I have these people mining this mineral. I don't want to die.

Translator: Well, maybe they don't want to work for you.

Military: Listen, as long as you don't want to hurt the people on Earth, I've done my job.

Ra: Just close the stargate. That will give you certainty about Earth's safety.

Translator: These people don't want to live as slaves.

Ra: I take good care of them.

Translator: They don't like the slavery thing.

Ra: I need that mineral. Here's an idea. They continue mining the mineral and I can help improve their lives, live longer lives, healthier lives.

Translator: How much of that mineral do you really need?

As lovely as that would have been, I do understand that the story we saw in the theatrical has a greater purpose than "entertainment".

I believe that what I understand about the theatrical's story is: Being older, wiser and having access to more knowledge, better technology and what could be perceived as every advantage, does not necessarily equal victory. Sometimes, victory is a matter of circumstance or what some people would describe as fate.

There are many examples in human history of the great being bested by the most unlikely of opponents and even children, such as the story of David and Goliath.

As I ponder and meditate upon the images, stories and events I perceive during my time in this world, I think of Biblical and Norse mythology, the valkyrie shepherding its chosen from the warriors on the battlefield, the words of Adonai describing events before they have occurred.

Ra traveled to Earth looking for a way to continue living. He succeeded. He lived more than 1,000 years longer than he would have. Peace be upon him. May the one true Gd be greatly pleased with him.

Enjoy Stargate at your leisure at

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